Akamichi Kurta
Akamichi Kurta
Aliases Chain of Scarlet
Personal Information
Date of Birth 13/2
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 5'8
Weight 114lbs
Clan Kurta Clan
Kekkei Genkai Chigan Chigan
Ninja Rank Chunin
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chunin Promo. Age 14
Hand Chain Jutsu
Akamichi Kurta is a ninja and the sole survivor of the Kurta Clan.



Having a rather androgynous appearance, Akamichi is often mistaken for a girl. He has medium length blond hair with brown eyes. His eyes glow a beautiful scarlet when he experiences intense emotion, due to his Chigan. Akamichi wears a blue tabard and white full body training suit underneath. He wears periwinkle Chinese flats as his shoes. Akamichi wears a drop earring ornament with a ruby in his left ear.

Personality & RelationshipsEdit

Akamichi is a calm and intelligent person. He is very reclusive, and not one to open up to others easily. While usually very calm and collected any mention of his clan will cause his to snap, no matter what. This makes him unpopular with other ninja, except for girls because of his looks. His main goal is to get revenge for his clan.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Chakra Prowess Akamichi only has the amount of Chakra as a normal teenage boy. He has very good control over his Chakra. However, when he activates the Chigan the amount of Chakra he possesses, and his control over it, rises exponentially. 


Akamichi is a short-range fighter. He is considered to be one of the strongest in his age group. His fighting style is slightly unorthadox, revolving around his speed and power to beat down enemy while taking the least amount of physical damage possible. When the Chigan activates, however, his Taijutsu skills rises to even greater lengths.


Akamichi, while skilled at using Ninjutsu, isn't as skilled as some of the other ninjas who are around his age. When he activates his Chigan his skill at Ninjutsu rises to insane levels.



Being born with the Chigan, Akamichi has been able to access the Chigan since his birth. When activated his Chakra, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu all increase greatly, making him extremely powerful when he uses it.