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Appears in CN's Stuff
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death None
Height 5'11
Orimaru is a jōnin-level shinobi from Konohagakure. Orimaru grew up with a amazing Improvment rate, and a need to train, due to the fact his parents were killed by bandits from The Land of Lightning. He found out information about the specific men, but they have become skilled ninjas. Orimaru will stop at nothing to find them, and eliminate the men.


Although Orimaru has hatred for the men who killed his parents, he Is quite the joker. He Is very confident of his skills, due to his every day Intense training session. Orimaru Is a cousin of Orochimaru, But he is better about this, because Orochimaru was a weak, evil man that depended on using forbidden techniques to take others bodies, and Orimaru thought he was a complete freak.

Battle StrategyEdit

Orimaru likes to toy with the people he fights, and strech the fight. By using weak attacks he makes the other person under estimate him, then quickly strikes with powerful attacks.